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Step 1.  Enroll and purchase Green Funeral Living Memorial Services at:


Payment methods include PayPal and Credit Cards. Acceptable methods also include Cashier's Check drawn on US Banks or Money Order for the appropriate amount with payment made to “” and mailed to the following address:

6001 Highway A1A

Indian River Shores, FL 32963

Tel: 321-431-6595 

Step 2.  It is not necessary to ship cremation ashes if you will be transporting them as carry-on baggage or have arranged for alternative shipment. Prior to departure, you should contact your specific airline for additional information regarding carry-on and transportation of cremation ashes as-well-as requirements for clearing customs.


Step 3.  When arranging shipment through ecoMemorial.orgä Ship all Cremation Ashes via U.S. Postal Service Registered Mail, Return Receipt Requested, to:

6001 Highway A1A

Indian River Shores, FL 32963

Tel: 321-431-6595 

Step 4. Regardless of the quantity (even if only a small allocation) of cremation ashes, the shipment container should be designed for postal transport. It is best to place the primary container or box inside another box for shipment.


Include the following:

a)      A copy of the death and cremation certificates (when applicable)  

b)      Your personal contact information including telephone number and email address.

c)      For Pet or Animal Cremation Ashes, please include their name and the type of animal, breed and/or common name.


Step 5.   Email us (Click Here) the Label Number from your US Postal Registered Mail receipt when you ship any Cremation Ashes so we may track your shipment. Contact us at telephone 321-431-6595 or through our online Contact Form (Click Here) if you have any questions.


United States Post Service shipping information links:


Registered Mail:


Return Receipt Requested:

Shipping information is also available at your local Post Office.


Post Office Locator by city, county or state: