Green Funeral Living Memorial         Reforestation & Environental Restoration

This Cypress Memorial Preserve, proposed for east central Florida, commemorates and honors loved ones through the planting of Bald Cypress seedlings grown from cremation ashes. Each Cypress tree planted within the Preserve contributes to the reforestation and restoration of natural habitat creating a living memorial dedicated to a family member or friend. Seedlings can also be dedicated without cremation ashes in order to honor the deceased. The location of all trees are mapped within the preserve and a permanent plaque can be installed to display a dedication.

Bald Cypress trees are extremely long-lived. In fact, Bald Cypress can live for thousands of years and known trees in Florida range from 1,500 to 3,500 years old. Thus, ancient Cypress living today were here more than a thousand years before the arrival of Columbus and the permanent European residents to the North American continent. However, most of the ancient trees were logged in the late 19th century and relatively few remain extant.

Cypress trees can grow to a height of 120 feet at maturity and exceed 10 feet in diameter. Cypress forests flourish in wet areas creating wetland habitat for a wide range of flora and fauna. But the tree also readily adapts to dry periods and annual changes in rain fall. The Bald Cypress is a conifer with fern-like foliage and the leaves are radiant green from spring through summer. In autumn, leaf colors change to shades of dark red creating a spectacular display of seasonal variation.

Today’s native forests are under intense pressure due to widespread deforestation and degradation from invasive species, development and urbanization. We provide innovative and sustainable reforestation solutions for the mutual benefit of society and nature.

We offer the opportunity to join our Green Funeral initiative through responsible end-of-life planning that will ensure a greener afterlife and leave the legacy of a healthier planet.

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