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Honor Loved Ones - Green Funeral, Green Memorial, Ecological Burial, ecoFuneral, eco funeral, ecological funeral, Green Burial, Living Memorial,
Green Funeral, Green Memorial, ecoFuneral, eco funeral, ecological funeral, Ecological Burial, Living Memorial, Green Burial, Natural Burial Living Memorial, Ecological Burial, Green Funeral, Green Memorial to Honor Loved Ones Frequently Asked Questions with Answers Coral Reef Habitat Bacalar Chico Marine & Wildlife Reserve
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How your death can make the world a better place Copyright 2012
How Your Death Can Make the World a Better Place

By Larry West
Recent publications on living memorial, green funeral, ecological burial, green burial and green memorial for reforestation, habitat creation and environmental restoration. Earth Day and death: Saving the world long after we're gone
  Copyright 2012
  The Washington Times
Earth Day and death: Saving the world long after we're gone

By Julia Goralka
publications on living memorial, green funeral, ecological burial, green burial and green memorial for reforestation, habitat creation and environmental restoration.

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Living Memorial versus Traditional Burial

ecoMemorial Green Funeral

Sustainable Practice in End-of-Life Planning
    Benefits of an ecoMemorial include:

  • Living Memorial honors loved ones.
  • Creates habitat & ecological infrastructure.
  • Protects endangered species & coral reefs.
  • Promotes biodiversity & ecological health.
  • Quality of atmosphere and carbon offset.
  • Mitigates the impact of development and strengthens coastal resilience.
  • Sustainable end-of-life practice.
  • Extension of the person and ongoing life.
  • Creates a dedicated location for persons choosing to have their cremains scattered.
  • Responsible end-of-life planning.

  • Low Cost:  $450 US when you furnish the
    cremains. $300 without cremains.

Cemetery Burial

Unustainable Land Use - Consumes Natural Resources - Destroys Native Habitat
    Each year cemeteries in the USA require:

  • 830 thousand gallons of embalming fluid.
  • 1.64 million tons of reinforced concrete
    for burial vaults.
  • 90,000 tons of steel for caskets.
  • 30 million board feet of hardwood for caskets.
  • 2,700 tons of copper and bronze.
  • Pollution resulting from gasoline powered
    lawn mowers and maintenance equipment.
  • Tons of pesticide and fertilizers.
  • Thousands of acres of land transformed for cemeteries and mausoleums.

  • High Cost:  $7,000 average in the US
    according to CNBC 2011.


Questions & Answers - Green Funeral, Green Memorial, ecoFuneral, eco funeral, ecological funeral, Green Burial, Ecological Burial, Living Memorial


Terms and Conditions - Ecological Burial, Living Memorial, Green Funeral, Green Memorial, ecoFuneral, eco funeral, ecological funeral, Green Burial, Natural Burial

Transportation & Shipment of cremation ashes

Order Services
Order ecoMemorial Services - Living Memorial, Ecological Burial, Green Funeral, Green Memorial, ecoFuneral, eco funeral, ecological funeral, Green Burial, Natural Burial,
Order ecoMemorial Services - Living Memorial, Ecological Burial, Green Funeral, Green Memorial, ecoFuneral, eco funeral, ecological funeral, Green Burial, Natural Burial

Overview Reforestation, Ecological Burial, ecoFuneral, eco funeral, ecological funeral, Green Funeral, Green Memorial

ecoMemorial Trees
An ecoMemorial is a mangrove tree planted using patented REMTM
Coastal Reforestation Technology in which the cremation ashes or cremains of an individual become the medium for development and long-term growth of a mangrove seedling. During the development process, the cremains are assimilated as the seedling is nurtured into a reproductively mature coastal hardwood tree. ecoMemorials can also be dedicated without cremation ashes to create living memorials that honor loved ones and friends.

Now and for the Future
ecoMemorial mangrove living memorial, ecological burial, Green Funeral, Green Memorial, ecoFuneral, eco funeral, ecological funeral, green burial, natural burial
For those who have previously passed and cremation ashes are no longer available, an ecoMemorial mangrove can be dedicated without cremains in remembrance and commemoration. With or without cremation ashes, an ecoMemorial creates critical habitat for birds, fish and mammals, helps protect coral reefs as-well-as solve some of today’s most pervasive environmental problems.

Each ecoMemorial is a contributor in a larger scale coastal reforestation and environmental restoration initiative, which offers an exceptional opportunity to establish a meaningful bequest of locations of ecological significance.

All ecoMemorial dedications are entered into our database and we provide the GPS coordinates linked to the satellite photo so you can view the restoration site via a standard Web Browser. This will enable you to remotely monitor your contribution to reforestation for years to come. Family and coming generations can visit your ecoMemorials in person or view the area via the Web. We anticipate that satellite resolution will continue to improve and even 3-D observation will become readily available, greatly improving remote viewing in the not too distant future.

Your ecoMemorial
Mangrove Reforestation and Environmental Restoration creating critical habitat and promoting biodiversity
Envision your own ecoMemorial as an earth friendly pathway into a natural world that establishes a legacy of environmental stewardship. Selecting an ecoMemorial as an integral part of end-of-life planning may be the most generous lifestyle choice you will ever make. Most ecological and green funeral methods attempt to minimize the impact of disposition of the body on the environment; however, we take an innovative approach that maximizes the impact of the body by protecting coastines and enhanciing the coastal ecology.

Give a Gift
Honor loved ones and friends with a meaningful gift that will make people’s lives better while contributing to society, both now and in the future. An ecoMemorial will continue to contribute to the health of the planet for years to come. Through natural regeneration, benefits are extended far beyond the original location. Order the appropriate ecoMemorial online or by telephone. We will subsequently contact you to collect the gifting information and notify the recipient of your generosity, if you wish.

Coastal Reforestation
Sustainable practice in Green Funeral, Green Memorial, ecoFuneral, eco funeral, ecological funeral, Ecological Burial, Living memorial, Green Burial, Natural Burial
Our Living memorial, ecological funeral or green funeral services provide responsible end-of-life planning that directly benefits the world’s most productive ecosystems and repairs environmental damage. An ecoMemorial establishes an accessible location of coastal beauty, ecological importance and spiritual significance where family, friends and future generations can gather for remembrance, reflection and celebration. Our mission is to integrate societal traditions and cultural practices with new technology in order to promote restoration and the sustainable use of tropical and subtropical coastal regions.

What do you want descendants to know about you and your life? How do you want to be remembered? We all have individual experiences, memories, relationships and personalities. It’s important to record and preserve facts about your life for generations to come so that even after your passing, information about you can live on for family and friends. Let us help you create a lasting legacy that will benefit future generations. Our Database will provide Internet access to the location and links you provide, such as your Eulogy, Facebook, LinkedIn page or Personal Web Site, etc. An ecoMemorial can be dedicated with or without cremation ashes and you can gift to those who have previously passed as-well-as living loved ones.

Celebration of Life
Sustainable end-of-life practice contributes to the health of coral reefs and coastal ecosystems.
is creating enduring and accessible green memorials to family and loved ones through the restoration of coastal hardwood forests. Our initiative in sustainable end-of-life practice contributes to the long-term health of coral reefs and coastal ecosystems. We focus on current environmental challenges facing an economically connected world, including biodiversity, quality of the atmosphere and nature based community learning. Our strategies include partnerships with environmental agencies and NGOs as-well-as the direct acquisition of degraded lands for reforestation through the creation of ecoMemorial.org Preserves.

Scattering Ashes
The practice of scattering cremation ashes or cremains over oceans and bays has gained popularity as a disposition option. It is not possible to place a memorial at sea that is easily accessible to all and in most cases a
An ecoMemorial becomes an extension of the person and symbol of ongoing life.
traditional memorial (e.g. monument, plaque or head stone) along the coast is not a feasible option. Thus, traditional memorials must still be placed in locations, such as cemeteries for loved ones to visit.

An ecoMemorial dedicated without or even with only a small portion of the cremation ashes, creates an exclusive place in a coastal setting where family and future generations can gather to honor the deceased. This allows persons to have their ashes scattered at sea but still have a dedicated location and memorial of coastal beauty. The concept of enhancing or restoring a natural setting as an end-of-life decision provides the opportunity to pass-on a better world to future generations. Our ecological green burial services are a practical and dignified way to memorialize a loved one. The ecoMemorial becomes an extension of the person and symbol of ongoing life.

Pets and Animals
Pet cremation ashes can be included with the ashes of a pet owner in the same ecoMemorial.
Family pets and animals can be accommodated with their own ecoMemorial or included with your ashes. The decision to bury your dog, cat or other pet’s cremains is intensely personal and private. The lack of options for ecological or green burials within a pet and/or family cemetery makes an ecoMemorial the ideal choice for immediate use or future planning. Pet cemeteries are typically privately held and do not have any permanent legal status. History holds many incidents of pet cemetery owners selling their land at a future point for alternative use. A benefit of an ecoMemorial.orgTM
Ecological Green Burial Preserve is the permanent legal status which protects the character of the surrounding ecosystem in perpetuity.

Proactive Environmentalism
Although End-of-Life Planning is seldom considered a tool of environmentalism, our system creates synergy between reforestation and a sustainable practice of ecological green burial.
Our ecoMemorial mangroves create nursery habitat for a variety of fish, coastal birds and Mammals.
This means that you have the opportunity through responsible planning to make a significant contribution to the overall future health of the planet. Mangroves are remarkable tropical trees that grow in the intertidal region between low and high tide with their roots submerged in seawater. They are known as a halophyte, which means they thrive in salt water and saline soil. Their ability to grow where land meets the sear enables the mangrove to inhabit coastal regions where no other tree can. Mangroves are natural members of the coastal ecosystem and critical to the health and survival of coral reefs and maintenace of a healthy maine environment. Their coverage of wetlands provides many diverse species of birds, fish, mammals and crustacea an irreplaceable habitat. Mangroves preserve water quality and reduce pollution by filtering suspended material and dissolved nutrients.

Urbanization & Overexploitation
ecomemorial.org mitigates overexploitation, urbanization and unsustainable evelopment
Despite much heighten public awareness and proliferation of protective law, coastal ecosystems and coral reefs continue to suffer from the negative impact of unsustainable development and urbanization. Overexploitation and the destruction of natural habitat threaten the extinction of numerous marine species within our lifetime. The interaction of humans with the environment, coupled with the world’s population growth, has depleted critical habitat and is cascading to place increasing pressure on the health of the planet’s vital ecological communities. This decline also threatens the viability of commercial and recreational fisheries, scuba and water sports, as-well-as the ever increasing economic vitality of ecotourism to local communities. ecoMemorial.orgTM
is working to mitigate environmental degradation by increasing biodiversity and the resilience of coastal ecosystems.

REM Reforesatation Technology repairs damage caused by coastal development and related activities.
The REMTM Reforestation System
For over fifteen years, we have worked in the field of reforestation to develop technology that strengthens coastal resilience, promotes sustainable development and reduces the pollutants reaching estuaries and oceans. Our sustainable method of ecological green burial provides an approach with sound principles for supporting nutrient recycling functions through the living organism of a reproductively mature mangrove. The tree flowers on an annual basis, which results in the dispersing of seeds from the original planting across the entire ecosystem.

Our scientist, engineers and program managers have extensive expertise in international projects that have utilized the REM methodology to produce tangible results in coastal reforestation and creation of wildlife habitat. EcoMemorial initiatives in green funeral and ecological burial provide practical solutions that protect endangered species and coral reefs, thus improving ecological health of the marine environment mitigating the impact of coastal development and human interaction.

Personal Choice
Mangrove forests are essential to viable fisheries that support coral reefs and the marine ecosystem.
Members have told us that they like knowing their decision will protect coral reefs and preserve critical wildlife habitat. Many people are dissatisfied with the detached character of cemeteries from the natural world and are pleased that the ecoMemorial is designed to benefit the coastal ecology. Our reforestatioin program provides a lasting commemoration and opportunity for bringing the bereaved and future generations together for the celebration of your life while contributing to a healthy environment. We offer the opportunity to arrange a Green Funeral, Green Memorial with environmental conviction.

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